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Nicholas Pappas, MSc

Product Designer

Seattle, WA



Please excuse the mess while I move stories to my new host and webpage format. Content first; format second.

Designing a Product Vision

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As Tanzu aimed to accelerate software delivery and simplify lifecycle management, the merging of 8 separate products led to fragmentation and inconsistent interpretation of the product's mission. This presented an opportunity to provide clarity, demonstrate a unified experience, and ensure a singular understanding of the Tanzu vision.

The Challenge

The hastily merged products resulted in siloed product teams, each interpreting Tanzu's customer journey differently. This fragmentation caused significant barriers of entry for users, lack of a coherent Tanzu experience, duplication of functionality, and no clear path for users to solve problems end-to-end.

My Role

As a senior product designer, I took ownership of researching and crafting a product-agnostic end-to-end user journey. I gathered insights from designers, Customer Success, and Support teams to create a unified vision. Collaborating with the design team, we used this artifact to develop an end-to-end vision prototype.

Mapping the Journey and Identifying Gaps

The Tanzu Customer Journey, showing a gap analysis, pain points, and more in multiple swimlanes

To better understand customer challenges, I created a product-agnostic Tanzu customer journey map focused on Platform Engineers and Application Developers. By analyzing research and feedback from Customer Success and Support teams, I identified where customer issues existed. Mapping work tickets revealed a heavy focus on Day 2 (95%), neglecting the onboarding experience.

Defining Clear Outcomes

The Tanzu Customer Journey, with added User Outcomes

Collaborating with the Customer Success team, I transformed the journey map to capture desired outcomes at each step. This helped identify core workflows, or "steel threads," that needed end-to-end solutions.

Screenshot of a Tanzu steel thread

Crafting the Vision

Screenshot showing a work-in-progress version of the Tanzu end-to-end vision

With a clear end-to-end story and vision, the design team rapidly developed flows and a rudimentary prototype. The overwhelmingly positive response from leadership propelled us to refine user flows, write use cases, and create a polished Figma prototype.

Screenshot of the final Tanzu Vision, showing a Day 0 workflow

The Impact

  • Achieved product team alignment and a clear path forward through the vision prototype.
  • Elevated product design's importance in defining and driving product strategy.
  • 80% of features discussed were prioritized for the following two releases.
  • Revealed broader opportunities, leading to the announcement of Tanzu & Aria Hub unification.

The Tanzu vision prototype became the focal point of the leadership offsite, garnering overwhelming support across the organization. By taking ownership of the end-to-end journey and collaborating closely with cross-functional teams, I helped unify the Tanzu experience, drive product strategy, and pave the way for future innovation.